2022 Awards Eligibility Post

Since my last forthcoming publication of 2022 is now out, it's time for my annual awards eligibility post! 2022 was very exciting for me on the writing and translation front. Several of my stories and original translations were published, and an anthology I co-edited for The Dread Machine was released, too! Please consider the following … Continue reading 2022 Awards Eligibility Post

Reflections: Self-Promotion, Words, & Reviews from February 2023

Since February's basically over, it's time for another update on how my New Year's Resolution for 2023 to do more self-promotion is going! (I'll also provide some publishing updates + thoughts on reading in this post, too!) New Year's Resolution Accountability Check Q: Have you promoted yourself in some way every day this month? A: … Continue reading Reflections: Self-Promotion, Words, & Reviews from February 2023

Kickstarter Anthologies in 2022

Happy Kickstarter analysis day! This post contains my analysis of all the successful anthology Kickstarters that happened in 2022, and builds on some of the data gathering I talked about in my analyses of anthology campaigns in 2020 and 2021. What's in this post? My methodology Maps Charts Number crunching Thoughts Analysis Comparisons to 2020 … Continue reading Kickstarter Anthologies in 2022

2022 Annual Wrap-Up Post

Happy New Year, everyone! I've already shouted about my publication successes for 2022 in my 2022 Awards Eligibility Post, so in this post, I thought I'd share some statistics about my submissions, a brief writing retrospective, and some random trivia about my stories, published this year, and my goals for 2023. (If you're curious how … Continue reading 2022 Annual Wrap-Up Post

Publication — Story: “Second-Hand”

Yesterday, my new story "Second-Hand" (1,000 words) was published in Shoreline of Infinity #31!!! Pick up a copy here to read about Ingris, the proprietress of the thrift/upcycling store on the worldship El Caminante! If El Caminante sounds familiar, that's because it should—it's the same worldship where the events of my story "San Cibernético" take … Continue reading Publication — Story: “Second-Hand”