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“Lamia” by Cristina Jurado, published by Apex Magazine (January 2022)

“Imilla” by Vania T. Curtidor, published by Constelación Magazine (January 2021). Reprint TBA.


Acquiring Editor — The Dread Machine (since Nov. 2020)

Co-Editor — Darkness Blooms (forthcoming)

Co-Editor — Mixtape: 1986 (March 2022)

Lead Editor — Catalysts, Explorers & Secret Keepers: Women of Science Fiction (November 2017)

Founder & Managing Editor — MOSF Journal of Science Fiction (2015-2017)

Kickstarter Analyses

Kickstarter Anthologies in 2021 (Mar. 2022)

Kickstarter Anthologies in 2020 (2021)

So You Want to Kickstart A Genre Fiction Anthology: Stats You Should Know (2020)

So You Want to Kickstart A Genre Fiction Anthology: More Stats and Qualitative Info You Should Know (2020)


Mara Jade, Frontier Woman: Agency in Star Wars and Influencing the Transmedia Franchise (2019)

An academic analysis exploring Jade’s agency within the Star Wars franchise and comparing it to that of the frontier women settling the American West between the late eighteenth and mid-twentieth centuries. First appeared in the collection Women’s Space: Essays on Female Characters in the 21st Century Science Fiction Western from McFarland in 2019.


The Arcade

A surreal flash fiction piece that opens with the line, “There’s a pinball arcade in my vagina.” Published by Curiouser Magazine in December 2021.

Mother’s Love

A short horror story about a young woman who has to figure out what to do with her unexpected child. Published by The Dread Machine on 12 November 2020.

San Cibernético

A science fiction short story about an orphan on a worldship who discovers a cyborg and turns it into a cult saint. First appeared in the anthology The Internet Is Where The Robots Live Now from Paper Dog Books in 2018. Reprinted by The Dread Machine on 19 November 2020.


Dark (December 2021)

[fish me out of the water]Three Line Poetry (May 2021)

everything will be okayQuatrain.Fish (18 January 2021)

Find meQuatrain.Fish (16 January 2021)

role reversalQuatrain.Fish (14 January 2021)

[Show me pelicans flying gracefully]Quatrain.Fish (9 December 2020)

[racing doors swing open]Quatrain. Fish (5 December 2020)

when i found youOctavos (3 December 2020)

[Your hip’s my favorite place]Quatrain.Fish (1 December 2020)

CurveballQuatrain.Fish (27 November 2020)

[Repetition makes it true]Quatrain.Fish (1 November 2020)

You say you want me. Then—Quatrain.Fish (30 October 2020)

[Tread too long on hopeful ground]Quatrain.Fish (22 October 2020)

[Let’s burrow into our snailshell house]Quatrain.Fish (18 October 2020)

BetrothedHoneyguide Literary Magazine (15 October 2020)

[the truth of your words]Quatrain.Fish (21 August 2020)

[when you launder hearts]Quatrain.Fish (30 July 2020)

[I’ll bury my heart on the shore]Quatrain.Fish (26 July 2020)

I believeQuatrain.Fish (23 July 2020)

[Your hands fascinate me]Quatrain.Fish (26 June 2020)

[how bright you shine]Quatrain.Fish (22 June 2020). Reprinted in SFPA’s Dwarf Stars 2021.

Reflections in Space — published in Issue 41 of (site undergoing re-design; December 2017)

One StarEsopian Literary Magazine (defunct; October 2005)