Blankets = 4/5

An autobiographical story, Craig Thompson’s graphic novel Blankets has been on my to-read list for a few years (found out about it in 2013, but it’s been out since 2003). It’s a memoir about a Midwestern guy struggling to figure himself out when he falls in love for the first time. The story also features various family issues and Craig’s struggle to balance religion with an almost long-distance relationship.

I really liked Thompson’s art–his work with textures and patterns is really captivating (and an essential part of the story, as the book is black-and-white). He also distinguishes characters from one another really well without distracting the reader (i.e., he achieves a good balance between story and visual detail). I prefer stories with more dynamic plot arcs and resolutions, but as a memoirs go, this one is a solid choice.

Blankets has a wide potential audience– if you like reading people’s memoirs, general fiction, and/or coming of age stories, this graphic novel is for you.

(Review originally written 5 February 2017)

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