Greetings! One of my goals this year is to shop around more of my work to writing markets. I have a few stories that I’ve been sending out for a while, but I have even more that are 1) languishing for lack of editing; 2) awaiting the transition from paper to computer screen; or 3) in dire need of endings.

I may or may not be using them as an excuse to procrastinate on editing one my novels… which brings me to another writing goal for the year: finishing novel edits.

Back in 2012, I completed NaNoWriMo for the first time. In the ensuing years, I’ve re-written that story, edited it, re-plotted it, re-written it, edited it, re-plotted it, re-written it, etc. I’ve reworked this story so many times that everything is laid out in my head, I just forgetting which scenes haven’t been edited or put on paper yet. The biggest challenge right now is filling those textual gaps and making sure all the characters’ actions are consistent with what they would do.

Time to go take care of chores (AKA being a responsible adult, AKA writerly procrastination)!

TL;DR: White whale goal of 2018: Finish those novel edits!

P.S.: I’m also working on adding more recent reviews to the blog – my coherent thoughts on Nnedi Okorafor’s Kabu-Kabu and Chuck Wendig’s A Damn Fine Story are in the works!


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