I’ve been reading/flipping through My Ideal Bookshelf (edited by Thessaly La Force) over the past few days, and it has made me wonder what my ideal bookshelf would look like.

My Ideal Bookshelf surveyed more than one hundred different creative people (artists, authors, chefs, designers, architects, dancers, filmmakers, etc.) and asked them to “select a small shelf of books that represent you–the books that have changed your life, that have made you who you are today, your favorite favorites”.

With that in mind, here’s Current Me*’s Ideal Bookshelf (in (mostly) alphabetical order by author’s last name):

and, because conceptualizing, co-editing, designing, and publishing it taught me a lot about myself,

What would your ideal bookshelf look like?


* I’m not sure whether Past Me would or Future Me will concur exactly with this list.

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