The wonderful folks at Quatrain.Fish have picked up three more of my poems, which means they’re going to publish FIVE of them total!!! I am very excited and will of course share them as they are released.

Of these three most recently sold poems:

* I wrote one as an expression of my frustration with racial inequality in the US. Black lives matter. Love is love. I know there are many, many lists of charities out there working to advance these causes and advocate for change. Consider donating to them, your local ACLU chapter, Lambda Literary, and/or the Black Trans Advocacy Coalition. If you have more recommendations/suggestions, please comment below!

* One was originally the last stanza of a much longer poem, but it packed more of a punch when I set it apart and let it stand alone. Not sure whether I’ll edit the rest of the original poem, or just keep it in the scrap pile.

* One I wrote back in college. I’m not sure precisely when, but I think I wrote it when when I was going through a rough time spring semester of freshman year.

If you write short poetry, please consider submitting your work to Quatrain.Fish, which will permanently close to submissions at the end of 2020 (though they will keep publishing well into 2021).

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