All my pending publications for 2020 are out, so it’s time for an awards eligibility/wrap-up post! (Caveat – if I have any other submissions accepted and published in 2020, I’ll update this post)

For me, 2020 was a crazy year full of compulsive submitting in hopes that I might be able get something published from my ever-growing catalog of short stories and poems. According to my Submission Grinder Dashboard, as of today (11 December 2020), I’ve made 466 submissions in 2020. Of those 466 submissions, I had 1 story published for the first time, 1 reprinted, and 16 new poems came out!

Short Stories

“Mother’s Love” (ORIGINAL – 2,775 words – 12 Nov. 2020)The Dread Machine adopted my beloved body horror story (which I affectionately call “the squid story”) and gave it a home. I even narrated it for their podcast!

“San Cibernético” (REPRINT – 19 Nov. 2020)The Dread Machine not only reprinted my first short science fiction story, but also commissioned amazing original art by Sean Martin to run with it!


These poems were all first published in 2020.

To the editorial teams who selected my work for publication this year, THANK YOU!!! ❤

To the readers who’ve read, retweeted, talked about, and/or otherwise shared my work this year, THANK YOU!!! ❤

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