Greetings! It’s been a hot minute since I last shared anything here, so I’ll make an Annual Wrap-Up post separately. But, first:

Awards Eligibility

Short Stories & Original Translations published in 2021:

“Imilla” by Vania Curtidor (ORIGINAL TRANSLATION – 4,885 words – January 2021) Constelación Magazine asked me to translate this gorgeous story about a grieving young woman who becomes penpals with a mountain spirit in Bolivia. even included my translation in its list of Must-Read Speculative Short Fiction for January 2021!

“The Arcade” (ORIGINAL SHORT STORY – 500 words – December 2021) – This weird story published in Curiouser Magazine‘s second issue opens with the line “There is a pinball arcade in my vagina” and features some amazing machines, like Total Nuclear Annihilation, Guardians of the Galaxy, Data East’s Star Wars, and impossibly, a Space Cadet 3D table! It’s a snippet of dark, magical realism riddled with humor. Full text of the story is available in the SFWA forums for Nebula consideration.

Poems published in 2021:

Related works published in 2021:

Kickstarter Anthologies in 2020 (~1,350 words; 28 Apr. 2021) – I conducted an analysis of Kickstarter anthology campaign statistics and added some graphs to help illustrate some of my findings. The write-up got a shout-out on File770!

Acquiring Editor at The Dread Machine – I’ve spent 2021 as Acquiring Editor at The Dread Machine, alongside Tina Alberino (the Managing Editor), and I’ve had a blast helping review and edit submissions with our first readers and authors, as well as working on our forthcoming anthology projects, Mixtape: 1986 and Darkness Blooms. I’m quite active on The Dread Machine‘s Discord server, answering editing questions, giving advice, and participating in the community (which is ridiculous fun! We’ve got a pantheon of writing-y themed saints including the Dread Hamster of Rejection and San Ardilla, the Blessed Squirrel of Acceptance.)

My thanks to everyone who read my words this year—editors, readers, critiquers, colleagues, family, friends! Extra thanks to those who talked about my stories and poetry, too! Every little boost helps! THANK YOU!!! ❤

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