Research Rabbit Hole: Female Hotshot Firefighters in 1973

As early as 1973, female hotshots were fighting fires in Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. I went down a research rabbit hole last weekend! I was participating in the NYCMidnight Short Story Contest and was assigned the genre Historical Fiction, and my character had to be a crewman. I didn't feel like writing about a ship's crew, … Continue reading Research Rabbit Hole: Female Hotshot Firefighters in 1973

My Flights of Foundry Schedule for 2022!

Next weekend (8-10 April 2022), I'll be participating in programming for Flights of Foundry, which is an international, 100% virtual convention for fans of speculative fiction with programming around the clock! There will be awesome industry professionals all trying to to help members of the global writing community better themselves and their writing. You mustn't … Continue reading My Flights of Foundry Schedule for 2022!

Kickstarter Anthologies in 2021

Welcome to my analysis of Kickstarter anthology campaigns in 2021! This is my second year doing a post-mortem of anthology Kickstarters, which means I have twice the data to play with! If you missed my 2020 analysis, you can read it here! What you can expect from this post: My methodology.Maps.Charts.More charts.Number crunching.Thoughts, and analysis.2020 … Continue reading Kickstarter Anthologies in 2021

2021 Annual Wrap-Up Post

As you can see, I'm a bit behind on my annual wrap-up stuff. Better late than never! 2021 was another busy year for me! I started taking on more editing clients via Quasar Editing, which helped me reaffirm my love of helping speculative fiction authors with developmental edits. I'm way more passionate about analyzing stories … Continue reading 2021 Annual Wrap-Up Post

Kickstarter Anthologies in 2020

Since I'm curious how the COVID-19 pandemic affected crowdfunded anthologies on Kickstarter, I decided to do as complete a review as I could to create a dataset for future analysis (for example, in case I decide to go back and do an analysis of full calendar years pre-2020 or continue to do future year-in-review Kickstarter … Continue reading Kickstarter Anthologies in 2020

Publication: Poetry – “Betrothed”

My poem "Betrothed" has been published in Honeyguide Literary Magazine's first issue, alongside a bunch of awesome stories, poems, and creative nonfiction pieces by contributors from around the world! Portions from each sale of Honeyguide go toward supporting a no-kill animal shelter (they've partnered with one in NY for this issue). You can see the … Continue reading Publication: Poetry – “Betrothed”