Since February’s basically over, it’s time for another update on how my New Year’s Resolution for 2023 to do more self-promotion is going! (I’ll also provide some publishing updates + thoughts on reading in this post, too!)

New Year’s Resolution Accountability Check

Q: Have you promoted yourself in some way every day this month?

A: Yes! It required a lot less conscious effort this go-around. It’s probably too early to declare success, but I think self-promotion has become an automatic habit for me!

Q: Which self-promotion strategies from your New Year’s Resolution post worked for you this month?

  • Submit your work for publication consideration! [As of this writing, I’ve made 16 submissions, 9 of which have already been rejected XD]
  • Tell someone, somehow, about something you’ve created or been working on + Sharing your work + Tell someone about your accomplishments. [I do this regularly now — I’m far less shy about telling people in real life about my acceptances, editing projects, and published works! I’ve also started talking more about projects I need to go back and edit, which may be my brain’s way of starting to force myself to be accountable.]
  • Make a social media post about yourself. [I did this more regularly this month. I’m @molo_writes on Twitter & Instagram, and I’ve got a Mastadon account now (it’s, where I post things when I remember to.]
  • Reach out to people who you want to be your new colleagues, collaborators, clients, or friends! [I reached out to a magazine, three new authors I’d like to translate, and sent encouraging feedback to some colleagues!]
  • Turn projects in on time! [I did much better at prioritizing my time and hitting deadlines in February, despite medical setbacks.]
  • Advocate for yourself professionally and pursue your professional bucketlist goals NOW! [Not sure if this counts, but I’ve created a new Discord for readers, writers, editors, and fans of poetry. People kept asking me if I knew of a non-paywalled community for poetry in general, not just literary or just speculative poetry, so I finally made one! If you’d like to join, let me know!]
  • Do something that moves you one step closer (no matter how small!) to completing a bucket list item. [Accomplished! Adventure planning and professional self-advocacy continued this month!]
  • Tell someone about your vision for your future. [Accomplished! Also, I know *exactly* which PhD programs I’d chase after if I had the time/money…]
  • Draw a silly doodle and share it with someone. [Accomplished! One of my friends gave me a pad of scratch-away glittery paper, so I’ve been making silly or whimsical doodles and sharing them with colleagues.]
  • Participate in a convention. [Not accomplished, but I’ve been researching for more to apply to and participate in!]
  • Write a review for something you enjoyed! [Doing that later in this post!]
  • On days you have braincells, draft at least 1 content idea for your self-promotion posts and schedule it. [Accomplished! That’s this blog post!]

News about My Words

February has been busy! In case you missed my previous posts, here’s some publishing-related news!


Here are some things I’ve enjoyed this month:

Books / Stories / magazines

  • I’ve been reading random back issues of Oh Reader magazine, and this month I decided to become a print subscriber. I read every issue cover to cover, and I love reading about other people’s experiences and interactions with the act of reading. Oh Reader is a meta, nerdy, cozy, and entirely delightful magazine!
  • I randomly picked up Bestiarium Greenlandica (2022) at Barnes & Noble, and plowed through it in a weekend! This book was translated to English last year and draws only from monsters in Greenlandic tradition and oral history.

TV / Movies

  • Last weekend, we rewatched Argo (2012) and Catch Me If You Can (2002)! Still as excellent as ever, and I highly recommend them if you’ve never watched.
  • Sometime in the past month, we rewatched Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984), and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I remember adoring the manga, then watching the film as a teen and being confused. I see why I enjoyed Princess Mononoke (1997) more, but Nausicaä is just excellent and so ’80s.
  • Started watching the anime Spy x Family (2019 to present), and I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

That’s all for now – maybe I’ll start a newsletter later this year!

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