In my last post, I mentioned my growing poetry collection. Before the pandemic set in, I was regularly going to the bookstore, browsing the poetry section, and buying a bunch of poetry books at once. I picked books based on whether the poems I read while I was standing in the store struck a chord in me, and if I lingered too long, I ended up spending more money than planned (but worth it! for poetry!). Then I’d go home, read through them, and return the ones that didn’t have enough poems that resonated with me.

In case you’re looking for poetry to read, here are the books in my collection so far (in alphabetical order) and links to more information about them:

A while ago, I backed the Ithaca Scrollery’s Kickstarter for scrolls of poetry, so eventually I will have a nice scroll of Emily Dickinson’s poems, too!

I have one book of poetry left in my pile of 9 books that I own but haven’t read yet. We’ll see if it makes a fine addition to my collection (hehehehe)!

Do you have any favorite poetry collections?

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