Through a happy accident, I’ve learned I still have not only the publication information but also a copy of the first poem I ever got published outside a school magazine. The poem, “One Star”, was published a lifetime ago in October 2005 in the now-defunct Esopian Literary Magazine‘s second issue (titled “The Gaze of Prowling Leopards”). Since Esopian‘s site has been offline for over a decade, I’m sharing it below (with some minor edits):

One Star

If I were to touch the stars—
if I were to bring one, glowing, to your hands—
if I were to light the darkness of the night—
if it took all for me to get it—

would you love me then?

what if I fell when I tried to get the star—
what if I tumbled back down onto the Earth—
what if dirt and bloody cuts were all over my face—
what if I could barely stand, and I leaned against you—
what if I did that and got your fine clothes dirty and bloody—
what if I fell into your arms, stained your skin red—
would you still love me if I didn’t get your star?

Originally published in October 2005 by Esopian Literary Magazine, Issue 2 – “The Gaze of Prowling Leopards”.

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