In VERY exciting news, I have a new story sale to announce!

The wonderful team over at a new place called The Dread Machine has picked up my story “Mother’s Love” (aka the blood squid story)!!!

The Dread Machine launches on 31 October 2020 + publishes original and shared world fiction + does podcasty things. Their team has been wonderful to work with.

I can’t write too much about the premise of the story without spoiling it, but it is weird, it is strange, it may be unsettling to some, and it was a blast to write. I think it’s a fun and slightly disturbing “what if” twist to otherwise quotidian problems that 50% of humanity experiences.

In the notebook I was using when I came up with the initial idea for the story, I prefaced the idea itself with “grossest idea ever, but probably would sell” and then wrapped it up with “That’s right, [SPOILER].”

AND I WAS RIGHT! IT SOLD! After 22 submissions (I think), a couple title changes, and one or two rounds in my writing critique circle, you’ll finally be able to read it! (I think it took 19 submissions before my last short story, “San Cibernético”, was picked up. Be persistent!)

Don’t worry, once it’s out, I’ll post another update so you can see what kind of tentacular ridiculousness I’ve created!

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