Publication — Story: “Second-Hand”

Yesterday, my new story "Second-Hand" (1,000 words) was published in Shoreline of Infinity #31!!! Pick up a copy here to read about Ingris, the proprietress of the thrift/upcycling store on the worldship El Caminante! If El Caminante sounds familiar, that's because it should—it's the same worldship where the events of my story "San Cibernético" take … Continue reading Publication — Story: “Second-Hand”

Story: San Cibernético

"San Cibernético" was my first published short story. It first appeared in the anthology The Internet Is Where The Robots Live Now, which was published on 12 November 2018 by Paper Dog Books.

Taro was almost to the Deep Belowdecks, almost free of Section RR, almost safe, when the científicos found him. Three of them sprung from a grimy hallway and tried to pin him down with rough, red-gloved hands.

"Just come with us quietly, and you won't have to worry about a thing, cariño," one of them said, her voice lilting and friendly.