Yesterday, my new story “Second-Hand” (1,000 words) was published in Shoreline of Infinity #31!!!

Pick up a copy here to read about Ingris, the proprietress of the thrift/upcycling store on the worldship El Caminante!

If El Caminante sounds familiar, that’s because it should—it’s the same worldship where the events of my story “San Cibernético” take place!

Here are the first few lines of “Second-Hand” to pique your interest. Enjoy!

“No one knew better than Ingris that on El Caminante, every resource mattered.

No one.

No one knew how old she was, but everyone on the worldship visited her shop to rent clothes. Rich and poor, old and young alike came to see Ingris and find the perfect outfit for their needs. The children down in the orfanato whispered that she’d been part of the ship’s original crew, La Tripulación Originaria.

Rumor had it that long, long ago, she’d felt grass between her toes.

That hace mucho tiempo, Ingris once had a family of her own…”

Monica Louzon, “Second-Hand”, Shoreline of Infinity #31

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