Next weekend (8-10 April 2022), I’ll be participating in programming for Flights of Foundry, which is an international, 100% virtual convention for fans of speculative fiction with programming around the clock!

There will be awesome industry professionals all trying to to help members of the global writing community better themselves and their writing. You mustn’t miss it! Register to attend here!

The convention is volunteer-run and tickets are free to help make Flights of Foundry globally accessible. (Donations are encouraged!)

Without further ado, here’s my schedule for Flights of Foundry 2021!

Friday, April 8

@ 3pm EST: “Reading” (me!)

I’ll be doing a solo reading! Listen to me read some of my speculative fiction and poetry! (I’m planning to do a mix of published and unpublished work.)

@ 6pm EST: “Fiction Critiques: What to Take and Leave Behind” (panelist; with Nino Cipri and Mia Tsai, moderated by George Jreije)

Critiquing is a skill, whether you’re the one giving or receiving feedback. And it’s not one size fits all! Get the most out of your critiques by knowing what to ask for and what to expect. What are some different types of critiques or edits, and which might be best for you? How do you distill useful information from critiques, and when should you stick to your original idea? What should you keep an eye out for when giving others critiques?

Saturday, April 9

@ 10am EST: “Bringing Your Projects to Life – Crowdfunding and Project Management” (panelist; with Mikel Wisler, moderated by Michele Abounader)

How do you get a large project from idea to completion? Between finding funding and project management, there’s a lot to consider. What should you expect when using crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter? What are some techniques and challenges for things such as time management, workflow processes, planning, budgeting, and fighting mission creep? Who do you need on your team, and how do you delegate responsibilities to them? What are some strategies for juggling multiple projects? A panel on the practicalities of bringing a project to life.

Sunday, April 10

@ 10am EST: “Translating the Speculative” (moderator, with Jana Bianchi, Anna Martino, and Kalin Nenov)

Translation has a unique set of joys and challenges that gets only more complicated when trying to publish. These panelists will discuss challenges that translators and authors face when attempting to publish in English-speaking markets. They’ll also discuss their experiences in editing translated stories, and the benefits of working with a translator. Genre fiction in translation is having a moment, and they’ll discuss why facilitating and supporting that work is so important.

@ 2pm EST: “The Business of Translation” (moderator, with Alex Shvartsman, Bogi Takács, Anna Martino, and Thomas Olde Heuvelt)

How does finding and working with a translator work? What should a writer expect when working with a translator? How can these concerns change between short or long fiction, prose vs poetry? Writers and translators discuss together what the business of translation looks like for them.

See you there!!!

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