Since my last forthcoming publication of 2022 is now out, it’s time for my annual awards eligibility post!

2022 was very exciting for me on the writing and translation front. Several of my stories and original translations were published, and an anthology I co-edited for The Dread Machine was released, too!

Please consider the following eligible works for whatever award(s) you might be voting on:

Eligible Works

Stories & Translations

“Lamia” by Cristina Jurado (ORIGINAL TRANSLATION – 3,937 words – January 2022)
Apex Magazine published my first translation of the year! A haunting tale of hunger, family, kidnapping, death, and empowerment, this story was originally published in Spanish in the anthology Monstruosas (2019). If you like tales of female monsters embracing their identity and exacting vengeance, this story is for you!

“Second-Hand” (ORIGINAL STORY – 1,000 words – June 2022)
Published by Shoreline of Infinity, “Second-Hand” is a heart-warming sci-fi story about an unexpected visitor to the proprietress of the thrift/upcycling store on the worldship El Caminante. This is a story about family, belonging, and second chances.

“Trophic Catharsis” by Rafael Díaz Gaztelu (ORIGINAL TRANSLATION – 3,300 words – June 2022)
This story was published by Pittsburgh’s science fiction and fantasy association (Parsec Ink) in their 19th annual anthology, Triangulation: Energy. A blend of science fiction, satire, and utopia, this story is narrated as a documentary that reveals how humanity learned to photosynthesize and survive the climate crisis. (Don’t miss your chance to learn what the Grand Sandwich of the Historic Lodge of the Salthead Cabal thinks of all this!)

“Handlebar” (ORIGINAL STORY – 992 words – August 2022)
Published by Dark Recesses Press (online), “Handlebar” mixes horror and humor to ask life’s all-important question: What if moustaches turned people evil?

“9 Dystopias” (ORIGINAL STORY – 400 words – November 2022)
My last publication of 2022! “9 Dystopias” is a short, surreal science fiction story partially set in DC. I shopped it around for over two years before it found a home. I’m honored that Paranoid Tree decided to publish it, and I absolutely adore Christine Wei‘s accompanying illustrations.


Mixtape: 1986 (EDITING – co-editor – February 2022)
When I was asked to join The Dread Machine‘s first anthology project as co-editor, I was a bit nervous. As someone without nostalgia for the ’80s (and who doesn’t enjoy horror films), I wasn’t sure I would enjoy working on this anthology. The authors who submitted to our open call, however, made me fall in love with the project. This anthology features sixteen horror stories that run the gamut from ’80s tropes to tear-jerking finales. I enjoyed how this anthology plunged me into the unfamiliar, unsettling unknown—and I think you will, too.

Acquiring Editor at The Dread Machine (EDITING – January through December 2022)
I’ve spent all of 2022 as Acquiring Editor at The Dread Machine, alongside Tina Alberino (the Executive Editor) and our newly-added-in-2022 Managing Editor, Tim Burkhardt. I very much enjoy contributing to TDM and our forthcoming anthology Darkness Blooms. The community on The Dread Machine‘s Discord server still brings me joy. ^_^

My thanks to everyone who supported, critiqued, read, and published my writing this year! Extra thanks to those of you who told others about my work, be it word of mouth or otherwise! Thank you!!! ❤

PS: My annual wrap-up/year-in-review post will come out sometime next month!

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